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Valuation Services

Architectural documents are important cultural objects. Not only do they provide a written and visual description of a built place but they also act as a record of the architect's creative process and the journey from design inception to project realisation.

Tax Incentives
The Australian Government provides generous tax incentives for donations that are made to recognised cultural institutions. This scheme is known as the Cultural Gifts Program (CGP) and it is administered by the Committee on Taxation Incentives for the Arts through the Office of the Arts.

Peter Johnson is an approved valuer under this program.

Cultural Gifts Program
For more details about this program go to the Arts and Cultural tax incentives CGP at this link.

To donors, we can provide advice on how you can achieve the best possible result.
To collecting institutions, we can provide one of the two valuations required to accompany your submission to the Committee of Taxation Incentives for the Arts.

We can also assist you with the following:
General Survey
A collection needs to be assessed with respect to its relative size, content and significance before an institution can decide whether it is worth accepting. We can do a preliminary survey and write a short description to assist in this process.
It most cases a cultural institution will only be interested in receiving a limited number of the most significant jobs. So a selection will need to take place. With over 35 years working in various sized architectural offices both here and in Europe, we have the knowledge and experience to assist in this selection.
Prior to any valuation taking place, all the selected items will need to be properly listed and then described in an appropriate manner for collection use. We can prepare a descriptive list for you.

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